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Monday, November 11, 2013

Using Garden Sprayers and How to Spray Tomato Leaves: Get the Undersides!

Using Garden sprayers and 
How to Spray Tomato Leaves: 
Get the Undersides!

Vegetable garden sprayers are a must in your garden. It is best to spend money on a mid range sprayer, which for gallon sprayers, have a cost of $15 to $20. They will last longer than the lower end sprayers. In my experience they tend to clog up less and have less seal problems for creating tank pressure.

Depending on the size of your garden you can get 1 or 2 gallon tanks. You also want to purchase 2 tanks. One tank will be used for  nontoxic sprays. The other tank would be used for more toxic sprays. Even organic products can be toxic, like copper based fungicides. And remember to never spray in full sun. It is best to spray in the morning so the spray has time to dry before the sun's intensity increases.

The key to spraying is spraying at regularly intervals. That may be once a week or every two weeks. It is really important that you spray the underside of the vegetable leaves. The underside of leaves, especially tomatoes, often have insects and diseases on the under surface. You always want a thorough leaf soaking of the top and bottom sides of the leaves.

I would also recommend you TEST SPRAY and new product on a few leaves and wait 48 hours to see if it damages any vegetables leaves. You don't want to do what I have done and that is make a spray, spray your plants and come back to find you damaged them.

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