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Welcome to my new blog... My First Vegetable Garden. It is dedicated to new gardeners and I plan to blog about and video the entire 2014 gardening season.

I will cover and teach you about every aspect of home gardening that you can think of! Please follow my blog as it will take you from starting your own seeds to harvesting 2 pound heirloom tomatoes and more! Learn how to grow the vegetables on your right...

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Just About Tomato Gardening

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Just About Tomato Gardening

Identifying Tomato 'Sunscald', Fruit Cracking & Fungi: Inspect Your Plants!
It is important to recognize the problems that can occur in your vegetable garden. This video will show you what tomato 'sunscald' looks like, explain why tomatoes can crack and show you examples of potential fungi your tomato plants can get on their leaves.

How and When to Start Peppers & Tomatoes Indoors: For New Gardeners
So... many people say to start your peppers and tomatoes 6-8 weeks before last frost. That is true as a frost or freeze will kill off the plants. But... they are warm weather plants and they won't take off and grow until the soil is warmed to the 50's. You won't get bigger plants faster by getting them out 3 weeks early in cold soil. The plants will just sit still and often they look stunted and can get some purple hue to them. That is the cold.