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Friday, November 8, 2013

A Detailed Planting of Fall Garlic Using Organic Fertilizers: You Can Eat the Greens!

A Detailed Planting of Fall Garlic Using Organic Fertilizers: You Can Eat the Greens!

Garlic is an extremely easy plant to grow. I just use store bought garlic cloves but there are 100's of varieties you can choose from if you like garden catalogs. I am in Maryland Zone 7 and the time for planting garlic here is October or November. Garlic typically gets planted in the fall to bring you a June harvest.

The goal with a fall planting of garlic is to get the roots of a single clove established. That clove will turn into a full bulb of garlic come spring. A few inches of green growth is okay. Garlic stops growing when temperatures drop below 40 degrees. It will sit and wait for the 40 plus degree weather to come early spring. This is the time, from fall to spring, you need for a single clove to turn into a full bulb of garlic for harvesting. That is, in Zone 7, about October into later June.

You want the garlic clove to be planted to a depth it will not freeze. In Maryland, that is about 3 to 4 inches deep. As you go up north add an inch of depth. As you go down south subtract and inch of depth.

Spacing for garlic should be 4 - 6 inches. This will allow for full bulb formation. A single clove will get you 6-12 cloves in a new bulb. I fertilize with bone meal and blood meal. The video will show you the details. I use bone meal for root development and I use blood meal for nitrogen and to help break down the wood mulch I use in my garden. 

Garlic is really easy to grow. I hope you give it a try. Now is the time to plant.

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