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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Introducing 5 Great Container Peppers Ready for Harvest: Very Productive!

Introducing 5 Great Container Peppers Ready for Harvest: 
Very Productive!

Peppers do very well in containers. As a whole,peppers also seem to be a bit more productive with a little neglect around fertilizing. You don't want to over do nitrogen  feedings with container peppers or you will end up with a great green leaved lush looking plant but at the cost of pepper production. You actually end up with fewer peppers.

It is important to feed your peppers regularly with any liquid fertilizers at around 2 week intervals. Miracle Gro tends to have a 24 mark for nitrogen. That is just too high in my opinion. I would use it at half strength. You really want a nitrogen component of about 10 or less. Many of your organic liquid fertilizers fit the lower nitrogen proportions. You will have to do some label reading.

The video shows you the successful growth of 5 pepper that I grew in 2 1/2 gallon containers. They would love a 5 gallon container but can be grown quite successfully in smaller containers. The key is to make sure they never dry out. I use a simple plastic saucer as a water reserve.

The 'Poblano' pepper can have a very mild heat to it. Much lower than a 'Jalapeno' pepper. It is outstanding when grilled or broiled. The pepper takes on a wonderful sweet and smokey taste that is found in many Mexican dishes. It also makes a great pepper for stuffing.

The 'Orange Habanero' pepper will produce well over 50 peppers. It is known of course for the heat it brings to the table. It is a very prolific pepper plant.

The 'Pasilla Bajio' pepper is mild hot pepper with a natural smokey taste. It is typically dried and even powdered and used in many sauces. It is used to make a lot of traditional mole sauces.

The 'Cubanelle' pepper is a sweet pepper and a great alternative to the 'Bell' pepper. It is smaller and has thinner walls. It is light green in color to start and will turn fully red when ripe. Letting it turn red does add a degree of sweetness to it.

The "Green Bell' pepper is the standard sweet pepper that is grown in the US. It can be successfully grown in containers.

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