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Welcome to my new blog... My First Vegetable Garden. It is dedicated to new gardeners and I plan to blog about and video the entire 2014 gardening season.

I will cover and teach you about every aspect of home gardening that you can think of! Please follow my blog as it will take you from starting your own seeds to harvesting 2 pound heirloom tomatoes and more! Learn how to grow the vegetables on your right...

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Container Gardening

Container Gardening

This page holds all my blog entries that fall into the general category of 'Container Gardedning'. You will find an article and a video attached to each link posted below or you can just watch the video. These links only take you to blog articles I wrote for this blog unless noted. Enjoy!

How to Make a Cheap Tomato Garden Container from a Cardboard Box: About $1
You want a container size that can hold enough soil to let a mature root system develop so the vegetable plant can grow to nearly full size. You want the container to be large enough so the growing medium you are using can hold enough water to last at least 24 hours on high heat days between watering.

Introducing 5 Great Container Peppers Ready for Harvest: Very Productive!
Peppers do very well in containers. As a whole,peppers also seem to be a bit more productive with a little neglect around fertilizing. You don't want to over do nitrogen feedings with container peppers or you will end up with a great green leaved lush looking plant but at the cost of pepper production. You actually end up with fewer peppers.

Harvesting & Growing Cilantro in 5 Gallon Containers: Over Plant It!
The key to harvesting it is to cut the leaves off and leave the the roots in the soil. It should continue to grow leaves for a second harvest. Eventually cilantro will want to flower and seed. You can save the seed for replanting or culinary use. When you start harvesting cilantro leaves from the first planting, plant some more seeds in a new container and keep your supply coming all season long.