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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Hand Blender is a Great Tool for Garden Vegetable Purees: All These Tomatoes!

A Hand Blender is a Great Tool for Garden Vegetable Purees: All These Tomatoes!

There are many rewards that come along with vegetable gardening. One of them of course is getting to eat freshly picked vegetables. Tomatoes are favorites of many gardeners and the plants will produce even if you don't quite do things perfectly. My point... tomato plants were built to grow and even if you make a few mistakes you will still get tons of tomatoes.

Believe it or not you can get tomatoed out. I found the best way to process tomatoes is to make a simple sauce like puree with a hand blender. It is fast, easy and a great way to process your vegetables for the winter. Just freeze and store the puree. The video will fully demonstrate and explain the process. It is a time saver. No need to spend hours making sauce. You can use the puree as a sauce as is or you can thaw it out in the future and render it down later into a full tomato sauce.

I make all kinds of tomato based purees. You can add in garlic and onions, hopefully from your garden. Have an eggplant or squash? Boil it down and puree them with your tomatoes. The hand blender is easy to clean up, easy to use and just a great tool for your kitchen and... vegetable garden!

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