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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Garden Thrift Store Shopping for Hardback Books ($1.20), Repurposed Containers ($1.90) and Watering Cans ($1.90): Save Money!

Garden Thrift Store Shopping 
for Hardback Books ($1.20), Repurposed Containers ($1.90) and Watering Cans ($1.90): Save Money!

I will be doing a regular series on saving money by going garden shopping at thrift stores. Not only can you save a lot of money, your money is going to a good cause. Check out your local thrift stores a couple times a month and you will have extra money for other life expenses.

Garden books can be found easily at thrift stores. You typically can find hardback garden books for about $2.00 or less. My local store sells the for $1.20. Paperbacks are well under $1.00. The great thing about gardening is the information doesn't really change. If you are just learning about gardening, thrift store books are the way to go. And you will get beautiful books. Check out my video for ideas of what you will find.

There is always room in the garden for containers. Thrift stores have isle of containers that can be repurposed for planting vegetables. I find a lot of containers I can use for about $2.00.  I also look for things I can use in the greenhouse or under my indoor grow-lights. I found over 40 containers for $10.00. I also look for tools. I found a watering can for $1.90. Check out the video to see what you can find. I also show you how to repurpose containers with good old spray paint that bonds to plastic.

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