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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Identifying the Tomato Hornworm & Inspecting Your Garden for Pests and Diseases

Identifying the Tomato Hornworm & Inspecting Your Garden for Pests and Diseases

Every vegetable garden will have it's troubles. Each zone is different when it comes to pests and diseases. The best way to learn about the pests and diseases associated with the area in which you live is to just start a garden. The natural pests and beneficial insects will show up with time. The diseases that are suited for your area's growing temperatures will show up eventually. The best defense to maintaining the health of your vegetable garden is a good offense. The offense... checking the garden 2 or 3 times weekly.

It is important to get out in the garden several times during the week. As you water, feed, pick and tend the garden... look for clues. Check all the vegetables leaves. You will eventually  find leaf damage that might signal the 'Tomato Hornworm' or 'Cabbage Loopers' have hatched and are maturing nicely by eating your vegetable plants. You may see spots on leaves that could be an early sign of 'Leaf Spot' or 'Early Blight.'

The 'Tomato Hornworm' is a common pest in many gardens. The eggs are laid by moths. These pests can sheer down a tomato plant in days. But don't rest thinking to yourself..."I don't grow tomatoes.' The video will show you what the 'Tomato Horworm' looks like. And they are on my pepper plants!

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