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Monday, February 17, 2014

2 Ways to Grow Basil and Cilantro on Your Windowsills: They Like Water!

2 Ways to Grow Basil and Cilantro on Your Windowsills: 
They Like Water!

You are primarily growing indoor herbs for their leaves and not worrying if a plant gets to full size as it would in the garden. Indoor windowsill herb containers are best planted a bit over crowded... more leaves. The key to the windowsill plants is getting them established nicely at germination and then moving them to the windowsill. My herbs are grown under grow lights for 14 hours a day until established as in the video.

Once they make it to the windowsill you want to water them as needed or planned with 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer at each watering. You want to keep them fed on the windowsill. In this case I don't recommend organic products, as I think the smell indoors and the man made fertilizers tend to have a higher nitrogen component as well as many micro-nutrients. I believe micro nutrients help with indoor herbs and vegetable flavor.

You can go solely organic but remember plants can not tell the difference. I've made indoor organic solutions before with a beet product and kelp extract (as you will see). It works but I found  Miracle Gro to be effective and easier. I also understand we all don't have large selections of fertilizer at our finger tips. Use what is available in your area and don't stress. Gardening is meant to be fun.

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