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Monday, March 10, 2014

Planting Spring Peas in Peat Trays/Pots and Transplanting Peas to Containers

 Planting Spring Peas in Peat Trays/Pots 
& Transplanting Peas to Containers

The most important thing to know about peas is they like cool weather and they don't like soggy ground. They can take a frost and a freeze but starting them in cold wet soil is a recipe for rotting seeds. The best way to get a jump on your gardening season is to start peas in cups or seed trays. I use to think you could not start peas in seed cells and transplant them. The rumor was they don't like having their roots disturbed. Just be careful with them! I was wrong and have been doing it for years.

There are many many ways to seed start peas. I will certainly be trying out different methods and making videos on all of them. I bought a bunch of peat trays and I hate them for most things but not for peas. Peas can be grown in the peat trays and transplanted directly to your containers or ground beds without removing them from the peat trays. Peas are very easy to seed start. This is one way to avoid disturbing their roots.

They will germinate anywhere between 7 and 14 days depending on where you are starting them. If I start them indoors in a nice 75 degree grow  light closet they come up in about 7 days. In my greenhouse, with fluctuating temperatures and low lows, it takes about 14 days. Once they come up, they grow quickly and you don't want to hold them to long. After germination in about 7-10 days you will see the roots coming through the peat trays or pots. It is about that time you need to get them into the ground. If the ground is still frozen or too wet... try 5 gallon containers like in the video.

Like I said there are so many ways to start peas. The bottom line is... grow some. You have never tasted peas before if you haven't had a fresh picked pea off the plant. The sweetness is amazing and can't be found in any store bought peas.

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