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Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to Seed Start Chives & Thyme Indoors: Over Seeding Method!

How to Seed Start Chives & Thyme Indoors: Over Seeding Method!

You can start chives and thyme indoors 10-12 weeks before they could go outside. I show you how to over seed them as a planting method. Both herbs are very strong and very hardy and the single cell you start them in can be divided, when the plants are big enough. A lot of herbs can be started quite early indoors as they are slow growing plants. These are not herbs to plant as just 1 seed... over seed!

Thyme seeds are quite fine and I must put in 20-30 seeds per single seed starting cell. Chives are much large and probably 5-10 or a bit more go into the cell. The reason is that both plants have very strong root systems. 

You are basically making herb plugs of many plants. I tear the root ball down the middle when I transplant them into cups and each cell gets me two plants. I can even sometimes divide the transplant one more time when they go into the garden. They are extremely hardy plants that come back year after year!

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