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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to Seed Start Cantaloupes and Water Melons Indoors: Fruits?: For New Gardeners!

How to Seed Start Cantaloupes and Water Melons Indoors: Fruits?: 
For New Gardeners!

There is debate on whether a watermelon is a fruit or vegetable. Either way, cantaloupes and watermelons add a great sweetness to your garden. They are large seeds and they don't like to really have their roots disturb during transplant. They should be grown in larger containers or cups and I recommended planting 2 per cell and two together in the garden.

You can start melons about 4 weeks before they would be ready to go into the ground. That is when the garden is warmer not after last frost. A couple extra weeks of growth indoors isn't so bad if you need more time for the soil to warm or you want them to get a bit bigger. They grow fast and you want to make sure you time them as to not let the roots systems get root-bound in the containers. You don't want to see their root circling and winding in the bottom of the container.

Just to be clear upper 50's at night is fine for your cantaloupes and melons. I do mention 60 degrees in the video. They key is warmer garden beds for transplants. You just want a soil temperature that is out of the 40's. Cold soil makes them sit. A cold night is not as bad as long as the days and soil are warm.

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